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Travel and Hotel
Many destinations very welcome to greet whoever across the world. If you are the one who love traveling, do not miss all these charming places where will fulfill your magnificent holiday. Our websites with more than hundreds of the most famous tourist attractions will provide you the information of any paradises on earth no matter where you want to visit or just drop in. Have no idea how or when to get start? We have all information for any gadabouts to guide you in traveling including accommodations, transportation, diet, and so forth. We provide you with the best accommodations ranged from the most luxury hotels to cheap hotels. Feel bored about humdrum traveling? Various kinds of holiday trip packages are waiting for you to choose like one-day trip to a famous city, interesting and exciting activity, etc. We present interesting content with updated travel guide around the planet.

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Travel to the capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam; you will never feel bored until the day of returning home. The city was found in 12th century as a small fishing village and its name was derived from "Amstellerdam" which means "a dam in Amstel River." Today, the city is greatly expanded and becomes one of economic leader towns. Amsterdam enchants over 3.66 million tourists a year with beautiful cannels scene, unique culture, wonderful travel destinations, cannabis coffee shops and variety of restaurants. Amsterdam also has countless comfortable accommodations from five-star hotels until cheap guesthouses serving all guests' needs of relaxation. Visit Amsterdam, your dream of holiday is here!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the most magnetic city in Netherlands. This city is surrounded by 4 beautiful canals which tourists can walk along its side to admire romantic and enchanting city’s scenery. A lot of Museums are the main attractions of Amsterdam. There are over 6,000 collections of rare plants, various beautiful materials made of fluorescents, outstanding houseboats and over 3,000 female bags since the Middle Age. Visitors can enjoy listening to Amsterdam prime music in several concert halls. Do not forget to visit local opened markets and admire ravishing windmills to fulfill your trip at Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Visiting Amsterdam’s fascinating attractions is a must. There are many destinations for delighting tourists who want to witness the wonder of the magnificent land. Let start at the Rijksmuseum which is the most popular and largest museum in the Netherlands storing the “Masterpieces” collection of many European artistic luminaries. Koninklijk Paleis or the Royal Palace is another outstanding tourist attraction of Amsterdam locating loftily and gorgeous in the center of Amsterdam. As other country in Europe, Amsterdam provides its visitors with the most luxury hotels, five star hotels, and other kinds of accommodations for the great atmosphere of relaxation for anyone.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Spring Chicken Casserole Seasoned with Hoeve Nekum Wine and Chervil

Spring chicken casserole seasoned with Hoeve Nekum wine and chervil is a popular Dutch menu that Amsterdam's visitors must try. The chicken is flavored with salt and papers before cook it in a casserole. After that, add local vegetables such as shallots, fennel, potatoes, carrots, bay leaf, thyme and tomatoes and a French herb, "chervil" before season the chicken with traditional wine, "Hoeve Nekum." You will impress with a little bit sour and spicy of this dish until the last piece.